Notice of Payment Due or Final Notice

- Income Tax Refund captured by UIA for repayment?
- Fraud Allegation and penalty charges?
- Do you owe the UIA money for benefits received?
- Have you received a Notice of Restitution Due?
- State or Federal Income Tax being routed for repayment?
- UIA Fraud allegation for receipt of Benefits?
- Any monetary issues concerning unemployment benefits?
- Financial Hardship Waivers?
- Denial of Financial Hardship Waivers?

These notices must be answered with in 30 days of the date mailed or personally serviced to you. Do not wait.

Contact us immediately!

The Hearing – Administrative Hearing Representation

The hearing is the most important record of the unemployment matter. All hearings are conducted by telephone or in person. The record of the hearing is established through direct testimony, documents, and witnesses. It is very important to be prepared and have all documents in order, as this generally the only opportunity you will have to develop a transcript of matter with the UIA and have your facts set down on a legal record.

I have represented over 800 claimants in Unemployment Hearings.
My representation may be at FREE to you if you qualify for the UIA Advocacy Program services.

Contact us immediately to learn how you can be represented

Appeals Beyond The Hearing – MCAC

MCAC (Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission)

We represent claimants in matters with the MCAC
- Appeals by employers for claimants who were found qualified in a hearing
- Appeals by claimants who were disqualified in a hearing
- Rehearing requests for claimants found disqualified at the hearing level and MCAC

If you have had a hearing the Administrative Judge has disqualified you for unemployment benefits - Contact us immediately.

There is only a 30 day appeal window from the date of the signed decision.